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I did not come to the brothel
In one family, the head of the household is Ko Phe Kyin. His wife is not polite. They have three young daughters.
In the afternoon, I was bored alone at home. Ko Pe Kyin is a hard worker and goes to work all day.
The girls are also high school and university students.

So Ma Yin Mya chooses a parrot that can talk at home for a fun afternoon. Or maybe you should buy a Tharika.
So I went to the bird shop.When I arrived at the bird shop, I saw a variety of beautiful birds. Choose a talking parrot. Thalika is the most expensive. Only tens of thousands. The price is 35,000.

I was surprised to find that one of them was cheaply tied to a thousand for five thousand. Ma Yin Mya asked the shop owner.”Why is it so cheap?” Can’t you speak? ”
“As long as you know.” “It’s hard because I know too much.”

“So why are you still cheap?””She used to live in a brothel. Words are rich. “The words I said were nonsense, so I will sell them cheaply.”Ma Yin Mya liked the low price. I bought a cheap Tharlikama with the idea of ​​repairing it when I got home.As soon as she got home, Tharika started to perform.”Ah, I have to stay” is also new. My mistress is also new. ”In the evening, the three girls returned from school. Thalika said again.

“I will succeed. The girls who were born are also new babies. It will still work. ”The three daughters also liked what Thalikama said.Ko Fei Qin, the head of the household, came home from the monsoon because he was busy.

Salika also greeted Ko Phekin.”Do you want to do it?”
Ko Thakin was surprised when Thalika greeted him by name. Ma Yin Mya and her three daughters were also surprised. At that time, Thalikama continued.

“Ko Pekin Shin also came to this ‘Bi’.”
Let them laugh and be happy.